What's New in Windows Server 2003
Subject:   Re:What's New in Windows Server 2003
Date:   2004-01-08 19:43:31
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Re:What's New in Windows Server 2003

Don't you EVER get bored of the childish "who has the bigger thingy"? If you want to use Linux - good on you. But please would the Linux world please stop hounding non-Linux folk with your "Micro$oft" is crap etc etc. Its so 1990's. And the statement Linux free - please use it sparingly - I have a 2000 user network and 150 server implementation. We have custom apps a help desk team etc etc. The cost to the company alone to reprogram/redeploy and retrain staff alone would cripple it.

Free??...mmm....damn it - you've lowered me to your level!! ARRGGHHH!!!