Squeezing NAT Out of Panther Server
Subject:   Sharing modem connection....
Date:   2004-01-09 02:50:18
From:   nightbird7007
Last year when I installed OSX Server 10.2 I've setup NAT for our office without much problem.
Now we want to upgrade to 10.3. I guess it would not be to difficult to setup NAT on our machine at the office since we have a PCI card to connect to the DSL modem and we use Built-in internet to serv our inside clients.
The problem is that I would like to make test at home before I do the stuff at the office and at home I'm stuck with dial-up only.
I did some preliminary tests and up to now there is no way to share the modem connection with the others machine at home (really my G4, acting as the server, and an iMac)
When I go in Panther Server, the modem is listed as 'fw0', is that correct or do I have to set it to 'ppp0' as it say in the article.
Am I dreaming in color or is there a way to accomplish this relatively easy.