The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X
Subject:   400MHz PB - Slow finder
Date:   2001-05-10 11:10:41
From:   derrick
Response to: 400MHz PB - Slow finder

Seems to me that some people are more sensitive to speed differences than others. But I think at this point, Mac OS X is slower than what you're used to on Windows and OS 9.

What I've done to help with this (I hate slow computers too!)is much like what I used to do in the early PowerPC days.

Turn off everything I don't need such as File Sharing, AppleTalk, and even Classic when possible. I keep my open application load to a minimum (even though it sounds like you have plenty of RAM). You can easily close apps right from the Dock by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on them.

The other thing that I've noticed that really affects performance is my networking configuration. On my PowerBook, I'm constantly switching between Airport networks with different TCP/IP configs.

I had noticed that things were really slowing down when I switched from one environment to another. So I changed my set-up from using "Automatic" in the "Location" option in the Network System Prefs to creating specific Locations with unique settings.

After I did that, overall performance improved.

Don't know if any of these tips are useful to you. Maybe someone else has something to share.

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