The Sharp Zaurus -- A Lovely Little Computer
Subject:   author is moron
Date:   2004-01-12 10:01:22
From:   anonymous2
Response to: author is moron

I second that motion - but not as harshly !

I like the on/off delay because as Sharp said, it would otherwise be turning itself on in your pocket. I've owed a palm pilot and pulled it out of my pocket with near dead batteries because it bumped a button on something.

Very happy with my Zaurus and I sync it to a Windows 2000 laptop at work via Outlook 2000 and my SuSE 8.2 Linux machine at home via Qtopia-desktop.

It's out of internal memory due to all the software I've downloaded off the internet. I've got a 256Mb SDRAM card nearly full and a 128 Mb CF card full too. It's like a tiny laptop for me. I use a wireless card in it too. I need a 512Mb SDRAM so I can have some free space again.