Elementary Computer Graphics: Drawing with Pixels
Subject:   Wonderful article!
Date:   2004-01-13 07:27:17
From:   anonymous2
Tcl and Tk make such a wonderful starting language for someone learning programming.

I'm familiar with one company whose staff, many of whom were technically fearful of the computers, let alone programming, who implemented their desktop environment using C and C++ apps, but with Tcl interpreters for customization purposes.

The less fearful of the staff began experimenting, and found they could do so much more than just customize - and began extending the applications in sophisticated ways to make doing their jobs significantly easier.

What a great place for a new person to start.

Keep up the great articles.

And readers looking for more info will find , and news:comp.lang.tcl as places where the tcl community of developers provide friendly help.

Tcl's a great example of free open source at work.

And MacOS X is a great example of a platform
to use.

Thanks for the article!