The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X -- Part 2
Subject:   Surprise! Classic saves OS X
Date:   2001-05-10 14:24:50
From:   pcacace
I have read that many people are frustrated with the Classic experience, and have been reverting back to OS9 for now.

For me, Classic has been filling in where X can't deliver. Its true that many apps run much faster in Classic than in OS9. And OS X seems to manage systrem memory much more efficiently, even with minimum RAM.

IE5.1 Preview run too slow? Use IE5 or Netscape 7 in Classic and performance is fantastic. Acrobat reader 5 fails in X? Use the Get Info command to open it in Classic.

However there are still plenty of reasons to boot into OS 9. For example, Imovie2 in X is a frustrating, lagging experience - but it will not run in Classic. Anything Airport related is best left to OS9 as well.