Myths Open Source Developers Tell Ourselves
Subject:   plz dont stain opensource.
Date:   2004-01-14 03:55:53
From:   anonymous2
im a student & i luv open source. Its like god to me. coz the idealogy of the open source is that gr8, share wat ever u have etc... I think the author is a MS supporter, coz he always tries to criticize the open source s/w & tries to point out the miniature drawbacks. Wat he says mite b partially true, but infact the hacker community & other gurus r born out of the open source development. If something's difficult it doesnt mean u run frm doin it.
The author considers a very less domain of developers from the vast open source development population.
& i dont understand wat harm does it do to give the code as part of the s/w. Its afterall jus a fraction of the total size of the s/w.
The source code is for the ppl who can take pains to get the gains they want, if ur talkin abt the desktop scenario then frgt it. I jus cannot understand how ppl jump to conclusions so easily, u need to consider a broader range of the development community for such kinda discussion.
Plz dont stain Open Source.
A revolution cannot survive without much support & open source has enuf of it.
Im bent at serving the opensource community & wud do my part. But the kinda attitude the author displays is not at all recomended. Its like u loose all the time so y try again!!!
The author has a good way of presenting his point thou, he lacks the punch that cud satisfy the pro's. & also he's backed by his frail argument.
sorry for such stringent remarks but i had to putforth my point too.

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