Performance Test: 802.11b Takes a Lickin' and Keeps on Tickin'
Subject:   what about 2.4ghz phones
Date:   2001-05-10 16:35:05
From:   onkelbob
Response to: what about 2.4ghz phones

It's true an FHSS transmitter that is in the path of your DSS receiver will induce many problems. FHSS signals are much stronger (over 20 dB) and will desensitize a DSS receiver therefore inducing errors. The solution is to identify the source (transmitter) and change your receive path to avoid "hearing" the transmitter. If the receiver is using omni-directional antena, change to a directional antenna. Another possibility is to change polarization (antenna orientation) of the DSS system (both TX and RX) or get the FHSS to chnge their polarization.
Home 2.4 Ghz cordless phones "should" work with home 802.11b systems because the phones will hear the interference from the AP and change over to another channel on the ISM band, i.e., you set the AP to operate on channel 1, the phone will usually hear that interference and move its center carrier over to channel 6 automatically.