Weblog:   Digital Democracy Teach-In
Subject:   recommendation for Digital Democracy Teach-In
Date:   2004-01-14 12:04:52
From:   anonymous2
Response to: recommendation for Digital Democracy Teach-In

Thanks for responding to my initial post. I am not anonymous; my name is Iggy and I am an American living in Singapore. My comment was
kinduva kneejerk reaction: almost all the time when I go to a blog that I think is going to be about technology, the techologist has to weigh in about his/her political view and ruin it for me. Yes, my other choice is to completely ignore all technology "pundits", and I am getting close to it.
I took 3 days to chomp the bit on what you said, trying to figure it out. No, I don't directly get what the RNC says, but my daily source of news is from websites such as:

so perhaps my news is from the vast right-wing conspiracy :) Thank god (oops, sorry to mix in religion) that I have the choice to get alternative viewpoints.

I haven't figured out your comment "regardless of your politics" when you go on to say that you have even invited some Republicans.

I am a conservative, Republican, less-government kind of guy.

I also don't understand your supposedly non-partisan comment "an attempt to position MoveOn as extremists". I don't know what you mean by
extremists, but my position is that the views on the home page is close to treasonous. Whomever is correct or not, it certainly does
not come under the realm of "regardless of your politics". If this extremist stuff was written by Republicans or if a Republican said that Mahatma Gandhi was a gas station attendant in St. Louis (Hillary Clinton), there would be no end to the hellstorm.

I agree that there is merit in studying the Internet phenomenom that is witnessed in the Dean campaign; the December issue of Wired also
mentioned it. I just wished that there was a separation between the technology and the political viewpoints. From what I have seen so far, it's few and far between.

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