The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X -- Part 2
Subject:   Classic experience.
Date:   2001-05-11 12:22:42
From:   tz
Response to: Hooked on OS X (Bad Thing)

I had to go through a bit of effort to check which extensions were on. Most seem to do the right thing, but a few conflicted with the environment. I can't say exactly what you need or not, but I think removing extensions for special hardware generally helps things. And I remember reading that Conflict Catcher had or has a technote or something about this.

I use it for RealPlayer 8 - this works very well, and have used Photoshop 5LE, without any problems (Omniweb launches IE 5 on realmedia links, so cut-paste helps; IE 5 can't play realmedia and won't launch realplayer). Of course now that I have GIMP running I will probably use that instead of Photoshop.

Almost everything else I might want to use under OS 9.1 requires real OS 9.1 since it involves hardware like a scanner that doesn't have an OS X driver.

OTOH, I wonder if it would be useful to port MOL (mac on linux) to Darwin/OSX and run a virtualized alternate screen. Some things might work better.