Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Mac OS X
Subject:   Macromedia worst software for Mac ever
Date:   2004-01-16 07:25:06
From:   anonymous2
I was a hardcore Dreamweaver/Flash user at work and home for several years. Eventually I shelled out the money for Studio MX for OS X. After using this atrocity for the last year and half, I will never buy another Macromedia product again.

Dreamweaver and Flash MX were filled with - at least - 100 bugs, irritants, performance issues and duplicable crash scenarios. They are hands down the two worst 'big name' app released for OS X yet.

My theory is that Macromedia is fast becoming a PC-only company, and since they developed both OS 9 and OS X versions of each app in the original MX series (a stupid decision for sure), corners were cut. Even more unforgivable is the fact they refuse to fix their bugs and release . upgrades.

Knowing Macromedia's track record first-hand, it really
bothers me when I read reviews like this, Not only because you're being positive about what is reportedly a very negative product (I've yet to use MX 2004), but more because it forces me to ask, "If O'Reilly gives high marks to a product company this bad for the Mac, what else about them can't I trust?"

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