Sizing Up Windows Server 2003
Subject:   WS-03 for the SoHo
Date:   2004-01-16 12:45:28
From:   ehgreen
I've used Release Candidate 01 (of then .NET) for a year, but finally got bounced off because the free trial period ended. Mostly as a personal workstation, but appreciating the better tools and command line capabilities.

Your point (in a different article) on Event Viewer was right on. What is even more amazing is that links/pointers in the events needing my attention seldom led to useful information in the online resourse. Most of the articles identified were out of date, and not really applicable to this release.

Small organizations and professional with home offices really can benefit from Server 2003 IF someone with an IS background is available to stimulate use of the performance tools possible.

Thanks for your book! Howard Green