Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Mac OS X
Subject:   MX04 on Panther
Date:   2004-01-17 08:33:31
From:   anonymous2
I used DWMX and Flash on Jaguar with no problems on my powerbook G4, but the performance of DWMX04 on my new G5 Panther is unacceptable. Opening documents hangs for several seconds, typing text is even slow. It has made web design painful.
I have been a Dreamweaver supporter since it first came out, but last night I spent a little time looking how I can utilize GoLive. It looks much more stable and offers more features. If anyone has migrated to GoLive from Dreamweaver please post a note. I want to make sure the templates and library items can be transferred without recreating them since static html pages seem to be no problem.