Building an Address Book with OpenLDAP
Subject:   Unable to retrieve LDAP entries in Netscape Address Book
Date:   2004-01-17 13:38:41
From:   anonymous2
I tried the tutorial with the latest version of OpenLDAP (2.1.22 at time of this post on Jan 17). I followed the steps with Netscape 7.1. The steps are basically the same as in the article with some minor changes in the newer versions. No matter what I tried, Netscape would not retrieve an entry. It even asks for a password and says that 0 entries were find. The ldapbrowser tool worked fine. So I knew that LDAP was working and that it was accessible across the Network. I finally decided to use YATT to monitor the TCP/IP connection. I found "requested protocol version not allowed" in the trace. Once I had this piece of information in hand, a google search quickly revealed that the solution is to add:

allow bind_v2.

Netscape works fine.

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