The Objective-C Language
Subject:   Answer: Easy PDFs of O'Reilly Articles
Date:   2001-05-14 09:26:49
From:   derrick
Response to: I want to Cocoa !

I'm glad you brought up the PDF question. I've been thinking about offering certain aritcles, such as the Cocoa series, in PDF format.

But then it dawned on me that anyone running Mac OS X can make their own PDFs in a matter of seconds. If you go to this page on Apple's site:

They have an excellent mini-tutorial on how to generate PDFs from web pages.

If you want to make a PDF of one of our O'Reilly Network articles it's easy:

1. Select the "Print this article" option at the top of each of our articles. This will give you one continous layout with a minimum of ads.

2. Then follow the steps to make a PDF from a web page (for Mac OS X users only).

This is a great feature of the new operating system.