Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Mac OS X
Subject:   Re: Macromedia & Tim O'Reilly
Date:   2004-01-18 14:05:34
From:   derrick
Response to: Macromedia & Tim O'Reilly

Are you kidding?

First of all, you must not read this site much or know much about how we work. Tim's activities with Macromedia have no influence what so ever on the text posted on Mac DevCenter. The review posted was the opinion of the author, Jackie Dove, who is not even an O'Reilly employee. She does coordinate reviews for Macworld Magazine, so she has some experience at doing this.

And, Jackie closed her review of Dreamweaver's features with a caution about its performance.

I contributed a talkback a few days ago thanking readers for cautioning others about how this software runs on Mac OS X based on their experiences. I think the totality of the message (article plus talkbacks) are a very fair appraisal of this application.

No rat here. The process is working exactly how it should.