Weblog:   The Right Term is Copyright Infringement
Subject:   Copyright Infringement
Date:   2004-01-18 14:43:10
From:   anonymous2
Hi, I am Terry James, a Recording Artist.

What that means is I play and write songs, mostly on guitar, but piano
as well as a lot of other instruments, and I sing, in front of a lot
of audiences, as well as make records and tapes and/or CD's.

I help to write definitions of what Copyright Infringement is because
it is me that these infringers are stealing from, but you're right,
it's not 'just' stealing, it's much worse.

If it were just stealing I could go out and buy another great idea with
a few bucks, but that's not what goes into creating a master recording.
I can't go out and buy back all of the years of hard work, stage shows,
schlepping from one puke-smelling bar to another, facing one fathead
barowner to the next with their deviate preferences for abberational,
sometimes necrophyllic, and nearly always homosexual appetites for lust,
money, and the destruction of those trying to develope their artistic

While those who have no talent may go to work for Disney and Spears,
Madonna, and the Karaoke Singers united to work for the RIAA, we band
members and people born with talent and a gift don't get to sleep with
the likes of old killing songsharks like Specter and Meatballsloaf and
get spots on schlock TV. We have to do it the hard way, have a second
job, pay for all of the studio time, the tape, the pressings, the press,
the publicity (oh yes, these alleged journalists are the FIRST to want
a bribe!) and all that just to get the music to people who may like it.

Then there are the jealous and envious no-talents who will holler "You
suck!" to everyone who comes on stage during an open mike or audition,
or whathaveyou trying to get a booking and a following just to find the
people who will eventually love what they are singing about and saying.
These no-talents are easy to spot, they're the guys who can't do a damn
thing without getting drunk and stoned first.

And when we're done, some record company football team dropout loser who
finally got into business school to sell used cars, turned record
producer or worse, "publisher," wants all of the royalties, income, and
the credit for having created the music!

Well, bud, the freakin RIAA, the MPAA, the NARAS, Harry Fox, ASCAP, BMI,
and that about covers the Grammies, the Oscars, all the actors and
actresses with millions of bucks, the gay and lesbian songstresses and
songsters [or is that songsters and songstresses?] with absolutely no
talent or creativity whatsoever name something like "Shit Jam Ice" as
song of the year for having absolutely zero musical content.

Much like the Star getting the Pullitzer Prize for Investigative

Copyright Infringement is when you steal from creator of the artwork and
do not give him credit while making money, friends, winning influence,
and gaining profit from something you had nothing to do with. And that
is what the whole goddamn industry does, including the bigshot names who
couldn't write a song if it walked up and kicked them in their lesbian
french kissing teeth.

I don't care if a few kids download songs, not even a million; I do care
when ASCAP steals over $600,000,000.00 and the F.B.I. is told to look the
other way and Obstruction Of Justice occurs. It pisses me off when the
F.B.I. lies to me, and then gets pissed because Martha Stewart lied to
them. It pisses me off when George W. Bush makes a deal to capture
Saddam Hussein for him and then doesn't pay what he agreed to pay. And
it pisses me off, as a Copyright Owner, when the rich and famous, the
Paul Williams, the Jimmy Webb's, the Madonna's and the Backstreet Terds
steal my songs and don't pay me for them.

Terry James