Weblog:   The Right Term is Copyright Infringement
Subject:   authors should hold copyright
Date:   2004-01-18 15:09:27
From:   anonymous2
Response to: authors should hold copyright

Oh, this is a great addendum to the idjut who thinks I create because
I'm compelled to.

No, buttholio, I write and create because I want to make money from it,
that is, I want to make a living by doing it and not have to work for
minimum wage, get it, stupid?

Four syllable words like "replicators" is a crock. People who replace
the word "create" with the word "replicate" belong in Orlando, dancing on
stage for Mickey Eisner, under the auspices of the once great, but now
dead and buried Walt Disney.

Uncle Walt was a great guy; Mickey Eisner and his ilk are a bunch of
stealing " . . . . " and the people who perform in Disneyworld are more
like trained monkeys than talents.

Talent is born, not taught on an Orlando stage.

"An artist should produce because they are compelled to" this is the
unthought-out babblings of an Orwell-ignorant 3rd grade dropout, or, a
graduate of a Georgia college (same difference, same SAT scores!)

"They should get credit (copyright), and if they can
sell what they make"

- no, Bimbo, I pay $30.00 to register the songs exclusively as the sole
Copyright Owner, look me up,
by typing in "James, Terry" in the Search box. That's why I get paid for
creating things, not because I "may" be able to sell what I create.

Let's see, in addition to working many 18 hour plus a day jobs, seven
days a week, 52 weeks a year, I hold three college degrees, speak four
languages, am a top computer design engineer, including having designed
the computer you're typing on [but of course, you'll deny that, you have
to because no one can possess that much talent and intelligence, right,
Babu?] and have a unique genetic code which seems to have kept me out of
the hospital all of my life and slowed the aging process by at least 200

I try to help every mom and dad who the RIAA is picking on because it is
actually the RIAA that is the copyright infringer and I am preparing a
law brief asking for their arrest [oh yeah, by the F.B.I. no less!] and
have well over three inches of evidence against them. And the RIAA,
sweethearts, is not some nameless entity, it is the publishers who work
for the likes of Madonna, Bowie, Speers [or however she spells her name,
the English spell it the way I do], Specter, and all the C&W, Rap and
Crap artists, et ux. It is not a bunch of guys in business suits who are
agents in "The Matrix," but well hidden celebrities out to make trouble
for independent and up and coming true talents [which the aforementioned
are definitely not, having bought or outright stolen most of the
material, songs, and alleged creations they hold copyrights on].

As they are so prone to say in the business, if you don't like what I say
about you 'donna, Sue Me!

Terry James
or, I own and
or you can find me on ASCAP
and The Philadelphia Poets' Society
and, a helluva lot of other places where true art grows!

I want to make noise so you will stop to listen to the music!

Terry James