Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PC 2003
Subject:   PPC2003 Phone Edition... avoid.
Date:   2004-01-19 06:28:14
From:   unclemike987

Although most of the new features in Windows Mobile 2003 devices are welcome, my overall impression of these devices is that they have been made more unreliable than in previous versions.

My job involves working with all kinds of devices. To date, my favourite, stable device has been the original (Pocket PC 2002) XDA.

With the XDA 2, running Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition, the device often hits Notification Error problems (a bug in the OS), randomly closes processes (the OS won't let you run more than 32, but about 28 are running after a hard reset) and often I cannot run my own programs on the device!

The OS is a mess. There are just too many things running on it, and the OS can't cope. Sometimes, a process will hang, but when you want to run a different program, say, the Calendar app, the OS will randomly decide it wants to kill off that hung process. It won't be able to, so you'll be told you just can't run the Calendar as there are "Critical Components" missing.

You remove the device from the cradle, the three ActiveSync processes stop running, and *then* you will be allowed to run your Calendar app.

This is ridiculous !

And please, will someone explain to me why, when I put in an SD-card into my IPAQ PPC2003 device, it tries to kick off the autorun.exe file on the built-in permenant store, rather than the one on the SD-card.
Imagine putting a CD into your PC, and Windows attempting to randomly kick off a setup.exe it finds on your C: drive.. it's a farce !

So, no, I'm not a fan of the Phone Edition version of Windows Mobile 2003.

Avoid if you can, and grab yourself an original XDA if you can get hold of one.

Or wait for the Microsoft PPC2003 SP1 patch, coming soon.

Bristol, UK

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