Enabling IPv6 in Linux
Subject:   Most (all?) distro's IPv6 enabled out-of-the-box
Date:   2004-01-19 07:43:17
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Most (all?) distro's IPv6 enabled out-of-the-box


I appologize for late reply. I wanted to double check the infomation before I post my reply.

As far as addressing:
- 6bone uses 3ffe::/16
- "IPv6 Internet" uses 2001::/16 (the allocation of addresses is done by regional registries to
- 6bone is phasing out in 2006 (still a few years...)
- Freenet6, at this moment, uses 3ffe:b00::/16. I contacted them and they intent to continue supporting freenet6. However, it seems that some "competitors" of Freenet6 are sending false
messages using the "6bone phasing out" to say that Freenet6 is going south... The reality is that large corporations are still using 3ffe::

For more info on this, I suggest to contact freenet6 directly.

Thank you,