Open Source in Government: Newport News, Va.
Subject:   Apathy.
Date:   2004-01-19 17:54:20
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Apathy.

I don't believe it is about apathy, but priorities. The CIO's are busy on projects that add value to their constituents. Sharing software applications is not easy, it would take a significant amount of effort on somebody's part. The potential long term benefits are clear to most, yet many are skeptical that it could actually work.

Maybe all those Open Sourcers out there could start having conversations with their local government CIOs and/or City Councils and demand action. Everybody could benefit. The Open Sourcers could get contracts and the local governments could end up with a more effective means of managing software applications.

A little pressure on your City Council may be the most effective way to help the CIO justify a new set of priorities.

Andy Stein