The Effective Use of Joins in Select Statements
Subject:   Thanks for a good article
Date:   2004-01-20 07:45:57
From:   anonymous2

very good!

i could be wrong, but in principle 3 you write:

Select *
From t1
left outer join
(select *
from t2,t3
where (any where clause involving t1, t2, t3)
) t2_t3_composite_table on t1_t2_composite_table.f1 = t1.f1
Where (any clause involving t1, t2_te_composite_table, t4, t5, t6)

it looks to me like you've jumbled the name(s) of the temp-table. aren't
't2_t3_composite_table', 't1_t2_composite_table' and
't2_te_composite_table' all supposed to refer to the same thing?

again, thanks for a good article. i've always had a vague idea that
principle 6 was true, nice to see better info on that.

john guthrie

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