JavaScript and Mac OS
Subject:   "login as Administrator"
Date:   2001-05-15 11:37:05
From:   Corvus
Response to: "login as Administrator"

The installation problem is a misfeature in OS X, the default logon canot copy files to the System/Library folder. You have to create an administrator or root account. An easier workaround is to boot from the OS 9.1 CD that came with OS X and copy the file from OS 9.

A tech note for this is at I assume this is the URL you meant?

I didn't try the scripts under OS X. When you say "the Hard Drive Apple script doesn't work in OS X" do you mean the JavaScript version doesn't work and the AppleScript version does? Both don't work? Try each of the statements after the "tell" (in AppleScript) or "var finder = ..." (JavaScript) one at a time, without any others.

Did you spell "startup disk" right? It has to be "finder.desktop.startup_disk" in JavaScript, you can't use spaces or capital letters. What does this statement:

tell application "Finder" to select startup disk

do in AppleScript (not JavaScript) in OS X?

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