Linux on Your PDA
Subject:   Yopy, and QPE & Qt/Embedded.
Date:   2001-05-15 16:32:57
From:   chalsall
With regards to Yopy availability, the latest word
is consumer (non-developer) product will not be
available until the third quarter of this year, at
the earliest. While G.Mate claimed to have the
"First Linux handheld", they're unforunately not
going to be the first to market.

As to my comments about QPE/Qt, I stand by them.
The license limiting usage to free (as in beer)
development has a cooling effect on developers.
Empirical: compare the number of apps produced
for Qt/E vs. X/FLTK.

Not meaning to cause a war here, but I think a big
factor of Linux handhelds is the Free nature of
the environments. At least in the beginning, when
the market is largely made up of geeks wanting
true Linux (with all that implies.)