Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Mac OS X
Subject:   Another (re)view of Dreamweaver 2004
Date:   2004-01-21 09:26:47
From:   dznr
I wrote a real-world review of DWMX 2004 recently, posted here:

A wonderful new bug I came across is DW's ability to TOTALLY ERASE MY FILE when it crashes.

I have isolated the crash+erase to occur consistantly in pages after I make an edit in the meta description in the Properties window. I have tested this on both template-based and stand-alone HTML pages.

I have hacked my HTML template to allow page-by-page editing of meta keywords and meta description, by inserting by hand the DW editable region tags in my template Here is my meta description, with my hand-inserted editable tags in place:

<!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="metadescription" -->
<meta name="Description" content="this is the description text" />
<!-- InstanceEndEditable -->

DW crashes after I make a change to the description, in the Properties Inspector window, then click in the document, then either preview (which will ask me to confirm a save) or save. Even if I take a template-based doc and "detach from template," the bug is easily reproducible.

I have tested, and can confirm, that the app will NOT crash if I edit the meta description in code view or split view. The crash only occurs when I edit in the Properties window.