Building an Advanced Mail Server
Subject:   Help required for configuring email server
Date:   2004-01-22 01:25:38
From:   pareshrshah

Here is something what I am looking for, I would be very thankful if you can help me out

following is installed at my server
Redhat Linux 7.0 server
MySQL 4.0.x
Apache 1.13
Perl 5.8
Sendmail 8.11
Jabber 1.4.2

What I want is to configure mail server such a way that any incoming emails
should be stored into database & not in /var/mail/username directory
As of not I am able to do it with a small perl script which I have downloaded
from Jabber Forum, which allows to store email into MySQL database.
but there are few problems like attachment not getting stored properly & other problems

I would like to know can you help me to configure email server which allows me to
play with emails before it is stored in the directory or database
for e.g. I would like to authenticate with some other parameters, send auto reply, invoke
some other process if to email id is matched, some thing extra.

Thanks for reading this mail

Paresh Shah