How to Set Up Encrypted Mail on Mac OS X
Subject:   Certificate digital in Portugal
Date:   2004-01-22 20:10:55
From:   manuelsilva
Dear Sirs.

I`m write from Portugal.
The administration of justice and the lawyers for communicate used mail whit certificate digital.
This certificate is from a company Portuguese (
I use a MAC for the work and after many, many, many ... hours in computer, in internet, in Apple Portugal, in ... my MAIL (10.3.2) not work whit the certificate -
I not see the certificate in Mail.
For me is very complicate make the process in Keychain Access.
In Mozilla works fine.
PLEASE, is possible envoy me a GRAB capture pass by pass of this part of article

-Related Reading Therefore, we are going to create an additional keychain where we are only going to store our certificates. In order to do so, open the "Keychain access" utility, located in the "Utilities" folder. Then use the "File" menu to create a new Keychain. Give it a good name and click on create. The next step is to create a good keychain password. Again, this password is as
only Here's a tip: use the Keychain Access "View" menu to select "Show status in Menu Bar." This will be handy later on. Now that the Keychain is created, minimize the "Keychain Access"
Select the Keychain that you just created and click on "OK." The Keychain will now contain your private key and the associated certificates. Certificates contain no secrets and are made public when you send a signed mail. There is therefore no need to protect them better than what we have done. Your private key, however, is very important. To protect it even better, we are going to restrict access to it. To do so, click on it once and select "Access control" in the bottom half of the window. In the panel that appear, deselect "Allow all applications" and pick "Confirm before allowing access." Now, Mac OS X will prompt you for confirmation before allowing an application to access the private key, even when the Keychain is unlocked.
unlock the keychain that contains your private key and certificates, although you can also do that on-the-fly while sending the mails. When you are done, use the menu again to lock the Keychain, greatly enhancing the security of your keys. Using Mail Now that we have gone through this lengthy process, we can go back to the typical Apple way of doing things. It's now time to fire up Mail and to click on the "New" button to create a blank mail. Mail will automatically detect that you are the proud owner of a certificate and display a button on the top right of the mail-composing window.


Manuel Silva

PS- Sorry, my English is horrible.

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