Mac OS X and Battery Life
Subject:   Battery Life under Mac OS X 10.0.3
Date:   2001-05-16 11:48:32
From:   hlfox5
Since I upgraded my Pismo -400 w/ 512 memory to 10.0.3: I have not noticed any problems with battery life. I have seen relatively same battery life as under 9.1. I have the following problem however, when sleeping the Pismo under OS X with the powercord plugged in - the battery is drained within 6 hours. The Pismo doesn't recognize that the powercord is plugged in. If I reboot into 9.1, Pismo recognizes the powercord and recharges the battery. When the battery is recharged, I can boot back into OS X, the powercord is recognized as being plugged in. Still checking out this problem.