The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X -- Part 2
Subject:   Great article... but one unexpected problem
Date:   2001-05-16 12:10:22
From:   nomad7674
Response to: Great article... but one unexpected problem

Unfortunately, I only have one FireWire Mac in the house to work with. It still occurs if I try, however, to boot off of the 9 System folder on my X partition or if I try to boot off a 9 System Folder on the second partition (System 9.1 only).

I am starting to suspect the problem is the hardware, as the hangs also occur when launching a very large file/process. I am wondering if either:
1. The FireWire drive is faulty. Maybe I need to install new drivers to it.
2. My Firmware is not at the right level. I thought I had upgraded prior to my X install, but I am now wondering if I used the right ones.

Thanks again.