Serve Your iCal Calendars Using WebDAV
Subject:   ARGH! It just won't work
Date:   2004-01-24 07:34:16
From:   shoaiby
Response to: ARGH! It just won't work

Hi, I was having the same problem and several hours went by before I finally got it working.

The directory specified in the DAVLockDB directive must have owner and group set to "www" :

# excerpt from httpd.conf file
DAVLockDB /Library/WebServer/DAVLock/DAVLock

In Terminal, type:

sudo chown www:www /Library/WebServer/DAVLock

Also, and this was the REAL problem why I kept getting "Could not open the lock database", the directory must be writable by everyone:

So I did this to make it work in Terminal:

sudo chmod 777 /Library/WebServer/DAVLock

And then it worked!. Hope this helps.