Linux on Your PDA
Subject:   Thoughts on Agenda
Date:   2001-05-17 17:04:26
From:   billkendrick
I just wanted to chime in. First off, I enjoyed
the article.

I purchased a developers edition of the Agenda
a few months after hearing about it and signing
up for as a 'developer.'

Since then, I've been amazed at both how nifty the
device is in general (hand a cheap PDA with a
Tux penguin logo on the case running a Bash prompt
in an Xterm under X-Window to a fellow Linux
enthusiast and you're sure to make him/her go
berzerk! :) ), as well as how fast the development
has moved.

When I first got my Agenda, it was a bit slow,
not very useful for real life applications, and
the handwriting regonition was nearly unusable.

Since then, and due in no small part to Agenda's
openness with the development and testing
community, this has all changed. Each new update
of the kernel and stock software that they come
out with is leaps above the previous version.

From a developer's standpoint, I've found the
Agenda to be extremely fun to code for. While
I'm not versed in (and don't really like) C++,
FLTK hasn't been too much of a headache.
My first "hello world" application was a clone
of "Mirror" (you know, the program that turns the
Palm's display all black so you can see

Since then, I began work on porting two existing
X11 Unix/Linux programs (an Atari computer
emulator and an Atari 2600 emulator), wrote an
Xlib-based space-invaders clone (which the folks
at Agenda liked so much, they've included it in
the base system!), and just last night I began
writing a Breakout clone. (Can you tell I like

I'd have a Yopy to play with and develop on,
too... except they cost $800 for a dev. edition
instead of $180. :)

(getting very close to selling his old PalmIII)