Using IMAP on Mac OS X
Subject:   IMAP server on Mac box
Date:   2004-01-24 16:08:31
From:   nduchastel
This was a great article.
That said, I want more ;)

What about setting up an IMAP server on my Mac OS X box?
i.e. The deal would be to have this IMAP server download ALL of my emails from my ISP to the Mac OS X box. Then, I could use this same Mac OS X box or my other Windows PCs to connect to my IMAP server and access my email. That way, I control all of my emails and have no storage limits other than what my hard disks can handle.

What do you think?

Specifically, does anyone know of a solution (i.e. would rather buy something than have to download source + compile + become an IMAP guru), for this ?