Mac OS X and Battery Life
Subject:   Dock on Left, Trashcan on Desktop...
Date:   2001-05-17 17:06:00
I've had a number of inquiries regarding these UI features... Here's the scoop!

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> Peter,> > I greatly enjoyed your article about battery performance under OS X on> the O'Reilly network. My email is, however, only marginally related to> the article and I hope you don't mind the intrusion on your time.> Not at all, why should I mind when only the dishes are waiting ;-)> > In the screenshot of the CPU monitor, I noticed that you've managed to> move your Dock to the left side of the screen and, more importantly (for> me), got the Trash on the desktop! I would love to be able to do this> (I've been trying to set up aliases and links to the Trash since I> installed the OS) and was wondering how you accomplished this.I believe this was from Marcel Bresink's PrefEdit Dock can be repositioned with Docking Manueuvers I haven't tried this utility. I got the dock on the left by editing the DockPrefs XML file. I hope the utility is simpler ;-)Note that as of 10.0.3, the system DOES NOT SAVE the dock prefs, so after a restart/relogin, you'll have to tweak the settings again.Cheers!PF