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Subject:   RE: XCode please
Date:   2004-01-25 00:34:39
From:   iopossum
Response to: RE: XCode please

Alright, let me begin by apologizing for the harshness of my original post. I'd like to point out however that my anger came from an appreciation for this site and a fear that it's quality may be decreasing. The original articles that were once published here got me hooked, they were several pages long and dealt with problems several of us had and things many of us wanted to do. However, I honestly saw no need for another "this is a variable this is a loop" article. The web is literally full of hundreds of these explanations and its simple not worth the effort to come out with another series of these, at least in my opinion. My frustration came from the fact that I look forward to these articles (I visit this site at least every day) and to have it be something that is lasrgely superficial and "yesterday's news" is a bit disappointing. Typing "cocoa one line browser" into google yields three distinct versions of this just quickly looking through, of which one is from Cocoa Dev Central which many of the people here probably visit as well. With this example in such abundance I would expect it to be a link on this site at the most. Now, this is "part 1" so I may be jumping the gun. This is just the impression I am getting and I am sorry if I offended anyone. I honestly didn't want to make anyone angry, I own quite a bit of Oreilly books and love them. I would also like to offer my services if it is true that many here are under time/money constraints since this is one of the few living mac dev sites and I don't want to see it die or go down. Here is the first of my own series of tutorials I have begun and would be more than willing to contribute to this site instead of the one I'm currently writing for: .

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