Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Mac OS X
Subject:   Performance Issues
Date:   2004-01-25 02:43:07
From:   Crag
Response to: Performance Issues

Here! Here!

The company i work for purchased 4 copies of DW MX04 upgrades before their actual release. We put our trust in Macromedia and got burned.

We've replaced all 4 copies of DWMX04 with DWMX and we are now searching for a better solution. Adobe GoLive is being considered.

Considering some of the bugs I can't believe Macromedia tested the product on a Mac. Cause after using it for a few hours we all gave up. DWMX 2004 is not stable or useable on OSX (10.2 or 3), (we use PowerMac Dual G4 loaded with 2gigs of Ram). Do not be fooled by the O'Reilly review. Don't waste you money.

Franly I am somewhat shocked that O'Reilly allowed this review to be posted on their site. O'Reilly you should be embarassed!