Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Mac OS X
Subject:   Performance Issues Are Problematic
Date:   2004-01-25 03:14:34
From:   Crag
Response to: Performance Issues Are Problematic

"but this thread stopped being helpful to anyone many posts"

Oh really? I think it's very helpful to the poor sap who thinking of buy DWMX2004 for the Mac. I think it's very helpful indeed.

As for making notes of the problems.. many here, inculding me already have, numerous times at MM's own Tech Support Website and boards.

These kinds of rants, and notice not many have been in support of MM, are helpful to both MM and any future customer. It tells MM they have troubles and this "version" has created a bad image problem for them in the Mac community and it tells any customers to look before you spend your dollars.

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  1. Performance Issues Are Problematic
    2004-01-27 10:31:16  robreed [View]

    • Performance Issues Are Problematic
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