Wireless Mesh Networking
Subject:   Article on the O'Reilly Network
Date:   2004-01-25 05:04:57
From:   Trackback from anonymous2
O'Reilly Network: Wireless Mesh Networking [Jan. 22, 2004] Coming up to O'Reilly's Emerging Technologies Conference in San Diego in February, Sebastian and I, have an article on the O'Reilly Network. We wrote a simple hands-on tutorial on installing and running a wireless mesh network on a linux laptop, based on the very simple user-space implementation from MITRE, called MobileMesh. I actually thin the article came out very well, given the audience that it is targetted at. I have no idea how many Linux Laptop users would actually be interested in this, but the idea is really to show how simple it can be to get started with this sort of technology. In any case, have a look at it. I'm sure that if it gets a lot of hits they might ask us to write an article some other time again ;-) The subject of this article is mesh networks, another technology that is gradually maturing to a point where it cannot be ignored when considering various wireless networking technologies for deployment. While the first large-scale community mesh deployments are yet to be seen, existing lab-level implementations and feasibility tests have demonstrated enough advantages to motivate further experimenting....