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Subject:   RE: XCode please
Date:   2004-01-25 21:28:40
From:   aaanderson
Response to: RE: XCode please

(I feel a bit like I am jumping in a little late.. unfortunately I was out of town and off the net the whole weekend... but I feel like i need to add my 2 cents)

I understand that the first article was a little basic and that it was not the most novel concept. the thing is the goal for this topic was always two articles: part one with the basics, part two with more meat. i felt it would be confusing to readers to jump right into the intracies of webkit without having a backgroud article for readers to refer to.

that being said, if there is anything that anyone is specifically looking for in part 2, let me know and I will try my best to include it in the article. i need specifics though, not something like "more technical details of webkit".

as derrick said, it's a team effort, i can't deliver what you want in an article unless i know what it that is.


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