Two Servlet Filters Every Web Application Should Have
Subject:   Caching on DB intensive, No good.
Date:   2004-01-26 05:51:51
From:   fiallega
The filtering for chaching is a great idea as I was reading about it. At some point in the article also says how useful would be for DB intensive applications. Would this approach be useful at all for those applications? I want to know if I do a query #1 that gets chache. Next someone else does a query-update in data that involves query#1, when I do query #1 again I will display the wrong data, is this correct? If that is the case filter caching is only good for static pages, is that correct. Is there any mechanism to keep in seek cache files and changes in the database?


Jorge Luis

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  1. Caching on DB intensive, No good.
    2004-01-26 08:40:19  jfalkner [View]

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