Build Your First Cocoa App
Subject:   So what's happening next time?
Date:   2001-05-17 22:59:25
From:   mikebeam
Response to: So what's happening next time?

Yeah, i'm glad we got to a real app too! I like this column and the next because of the way they fit together and work with each other. In this column we simply built the interface to the text editor, but because of the functionality of Cocoa, this interface is more than an interface. Of course, saying that this first app is a fully functional OS X app is a tad of a stretch (take it how you like it :); we can't even save or open files yet! In the next column this is exactly what we will enable our applicaiton to do. As an aside, i think this is a pretty cool thing about Cocoa, that we can start out learning how to save and open files and work with data, rather than the standard "Hello, world!" thing. I hope everyone is enjoying it all! Thanks for reading!

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