JDO or CMP?
Subject:   more comparison
Date:   2004-01-28 13:49:03
From:   anandnarang
good information. One thing missed out in the comparison.
The support to these technologies, JDO has all the good qualities and potential to be a winner among the two. But it has one major disadvantage at this time. There is no major vendor supporting and making implementations for JDO. No IBM, oracles etc have an implementation for JDO.
Sun has an implementation but one needs to use this with a caveat. It is just a reference implementation.
Moreover JDO does not show up on the main page of J2ee at you may find it on their products page.
Many clients and organization do not like to touch products from unknown vendors as they are worried about the survival and support of these products.
This is one of the first decision before the rest we need to make on selecting either of these 2 technolgies.

EJB2.0 CMP has no disadvantages but for their only usage is inside a container. Thats where it stops. JDO is more versatile.

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