An Unencrypted Look at FileVault
Subject:   OS 10 stable? What a joke.
Date:   2004-01-28 15:34:14
When it comes to productivity, yes OS 10 all the way.
but to say it is stable is an out right lie.

I've used a PB12 867Mhz w/ 640MB & PB12 1Ghz w/ 768MB, OS 10.2.8 & OS 10.3.2 respectively. I get occasional crashes stemming from what I suspect is coming from switching between external monitor@work & lcd elsewhere.

Also some programs act up and require that I at the very least log out to get it running again. Or worst case scenerio reboot the computer.

As for for the integrity of FV. I don't know. I did a clean install and patched to 10.3.2 before enabling filevault and restoring my stuff into my home directory. I am noticing some settings getting reset to default (ie the desktop icon in the sidebar keeps popping back up occasionally ... maybe it has something to do w/ the security patches. Bluetooth also gets turned on after a rebooth sometimes. Makes me suspicious if it has something to do w/ the resizing of FV.

I guess I have to use fast user switching and create a "work" account w/o filevault.

OT I thought that logoff scripts are not working yet. I heard the infrastructure is there in library/starupitem but its not implemented.

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