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  How to Set Up Encrypted Mail on Mac OS X
Subject:   A flaw in the keychain process?
Date:   2004-01-28 23:16:49
From:   maximus
Response to: A flaw in the keychain process?

Did you try to set : "Ask for Keychain password" in addition to "Confirm before allowing access"

What happens in what you describe is that Mail *knows* it is still you at the computer so it has no reason to ask again to decrypt unless - I suspect - you set the keychain to ask for the password each time. (that should cover your point 4)

As a measure of security you should lock the keychain again if you leave the computer unattended (if that was ultimately your concern)

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  1. A flaw in the keychain process?
    2004-02-25 14:28:42  nxnw [View]

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