Subject:   Performance Issues Are Problematic
Date:   2004-01-29 17:43:39
From:   cjennings
Response to: Performance Issues Are Problematic

Hey, thanks Alexis!

I thought I'd give this group an update on how things are coming along since my last post. It looks like we're around two weeks away from finishing up. The Macintosh performance is mow about as fast as our previous release, so you will be much happier with thi). During startup we're still a little slower, but beyond that you shouldn't notice much of a difference between 2004 and MX. In some areas, we're even a little faster.

I'm excited that the team's fixed many difficult bugs (our Advil bottle is half empty now) and in the last couple of weeks we're targeting around a dozen more. We recently took a poll of the whole engineering team to see if we felt we were ready yet. The last couple of months, we've been working longer hours and even Saturdays on occasion, but the team wanted to continue this way for two more weeks to make sure we clean as much up as possible and have stability and performance nailed. I'm proud to say I work with a great group of dedicated people!

Hang in there -- help is on the way. Look for the patch mid-month.

-- Craig Jennings
Dreamweaver team member