The New Breed of Version Control Systems
Subject:   Re: Familiarity Wins the Day
Date:   2004-02-02 07:33:01
From:   shlomif
Response to: Familiarity Wins the Day

Here, I disagree. Using a sub-standard version control system (or any such development tool, for that matter) will cost a development team a lot of lost time, money and frustration. Teaching workers to use something else takes a constant time, and afterwards everything works faster, they feel less frustrated, and you save more money. CVS is a sub-standard version control system, and most of the other VCSes I mentioned tried to be as similar to it as possible, so people can still use the old conceptual model, and retain some of their habits.

The Joel Test:

Does not say that you should use the best tools money can buy for nothing.

What you are saying is actually perpetuating the Status Quo, claiming that developers cannot effectively be retrained and shouldn't. Developers are smart people - they can always be retrained. People have switched from SCCS to RCS to CVS and there's no reason there wouldn't be a future switch to Subversion or whatever. (and I am almost sure there will be). They also switched from sh to csh to tcsh to bash, and from troff to latex.

The world is dynamic and should be - get used to it.