Still Annoyed with Your PC? Fight Back
Subject:   RE: Hackers Can And I Can`t
Date:   2004-02-04 12:04:23
From:   flamingfire
My biggest annoyance is the one that`s taking place at the moment, for there appears there will always be " A Moment with Windows XP or anything Microsoft". It very much annoys me that hackers can get my password and I can`t. Two weeks ago now, I decided having two administrator accounts was one too many, so I changed the most recent one to a limited user account and the first admin. acc. disappeared. Is it possible to recover it? Is it possible to install another OS over the top or will that create a new problem? My computer came with ME installed on it, ME was so unstable I followed XP product directions and installed XP on top of ME a year ago. Jo M