LaTeX: It's Not Just for Academia, Part 1
Subject:   Latex is to document creation as Cocoa is to application development
Date:   2004-02-04 17:28:34
From:   toolman
With just a little bit of a learning curve, Latex provides so many things for free. Bibliography, positioning graphics and images in the most appropriate places, indexes, table of contents, table of figures, all for free.

Used Oztex back in 1994-1995 to write my masters thesis in electrical engineering. Our university had it's own thesis style already created so a lot of the hard work had already been done. Latex has a fairly steep learning curve, but once you "get it", all the benefits combined with the professional look of the documents makes using it a no brainer.

I haven't had a need for it since my thesis, but if I need to create a manual for an application or somthing else fairly complex, I will definitely use one of the implementations described in the article.