Writers' Talk With Guest Wil Shipley
Subject:   So far, so beautiful
Date:   2001-05-22 06:33:12
From:   dsteinberg
Response to: So far, so beautiful

I agree with Ted's comments. Part of what drove me to use IE on OS 9 was the support for Java and XML and lack of performance from Netscape. I do think that the Mac business unit of MS seems to understand Mac users differently and hope that IE will be improved on OS X in the future. I've taken it off of my machine because I had system crashing errors that only seemed to occur when running IE.

I've been very happy with OMNI and look forward to future versions of their product. I'd like to know what percent of the estimated downloads are willing to pay for OMNI to help keep Wil in business. Are Mac users willing to pay for a product that they prefer?

Could it be that once Opera is ported and Netscape is updated we'll have four browsers on Mac OS X?