Panther Internet Sharing
Subject:   Problem Sharing Internet Connection at Hotel
Date:   2004-02-05 18:52:19
From:   kevinciotta
I travel with my business partner and frequently share the single Ethernet connection in a hotel room by using the Internet Sharing feature in 10.3. 99% of the time it's no problem. At one hotel served by Datanamics (ISP), this won't work. I can go online, getting a real IP address via DHCP. I then enable Internet Sharing of the Ethernet connection via Airport. He then accesses "my wireless network" (from an IBM laptop) and gets an internal IP address from me via DHCP (10.X.X.X). All of this is what works fine evevywhere else --- and he usually gets full access. But at this one hotel, when he tries to access the web or pop email, he can't. I have figured out that my connection through the ISP is using a proxy server, but am not sure if that is affecting anything. Any thoughts? Has this ISP figured out how to block this type of access? They also provide their own wireless in the hotel (with a very weak signal) so maybe they don't want others sharing? Can that tell that virtual routing is going on?