The Agenda VR3: Real Linux in a PDA
Subject:   X, Linux and PPP, just home
Date:   2001-05-22 15:05:52
From:   victoriano
I don't mind typing and arcane, I will only do int once in vi and get a shell script with a nice name or, if small enough, a bash alias.

But having bash and X on my PDA, that is just nirvana, I now know for shure that my desktop and PDA are compatible.

I own a MessagePad (nice thing, good slow HWR, too big), I've owned a couple Palms and own a Nokia 9110 (bad propietary Windoze only development environment, worse operating system, very fragile, no ssh, supperb communications and good keyboard)

My Agenda can have most of the things I run on my desktop, the development environment is the same and, if I don't want to fight the cross-compiling environment, I can use my Qube2 :-) (it is also mipsel). It is too good to be true, I wish Agenda Computing luck to keep it going.